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Spanking a wet Kitty - Part 1

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Spanking a wet Kitty - Part 1For Kitty...But in my version of this video, I wouldn't be playing with your pussy so soon. I'd spend much more time playing with your tits and pinching your nipples. Maybe slap your big tits and watch them jiggle around. Pull on your nipples, lifting your tits up. Then I?d either put some clamps on your nipples or maybe small suction cups to make them real hard and swollen. Since it's not a full on punishment, I?m gonna let you cum as often as you want and can. BUT we're gonna work on getting you to squirt, unless that's something you're able to do already.So after you've had a nice orgasm from me playing with your tits, I leave them hanging and swollen. Next I untie you from the chair but your arms are still bound. I turn you around and have you bend over with your hands on the chair. I slowly rub your ass with my hand moving in circles, feeling your whole butt moving from cheek to cheek and linger between the crack. You love how this feels and gyrate your ass around. I pull my hand away and your ass moves out like it wants to follow it...then WHAM!!! I smack down hard on your ass cheek. Your whole ass shakes and wiggles as you let out a yelp then moan and your knees bend a little as you feel the sting on your ass cheek soon followed by my hand moving down and inside of your legs. I caress your leg teasingly up and down cumming close to your panty less crotch just slightly gliding my fingers against your outer pussy lips which are getting more and more swollen and wet.I move my hand back up and continue to rub your ass cheek lightly as I slowly lift your skirt with my other hand. You feel the cool air hit your ass and pussy; it feels nice on your cheek that is still felling the sting. I push your skirt up and over your nice ass and run my fingertips down both cheeks tickling them down to the back of your legs. You squirm just a bit as the multiple, different stimulation your feeling now are makes your head spin. The excitement of the moment has been making your pussy so wet as well as the orgasm you had from having your nipples and tits played with then the stinging smack down avcilar escort on your ass and now the tickling down your ass and legs with my fingers.You wiggle your ass around as you are getting so turned on your almost wanting to beg for me to play with or at least touch your pussy. And your feelings are right, I?m gonna make you beg?.one way or another!I move away to get a bottle of lube. I hear you say "oh, fuck" under your breath as you see me cumming back with the lube. I continue to rub your ass as I slowly pour some lube down your ass crack and catch it with my fingers as it drips from your asshole. I slather the lube on my fingers and then start to slowly rub your puckered asshole with my first finger. Starting from the top of your crack I run my finger down and then around your tight ring. Your asshole tightens and loosens as you feel my finger circle your hole. You gyrate your ass again as you love how my finger feels circling your asshole, teasing and turning you on more and more. You push your ass out towards me and your ring opens up a lil. Like your ass is inviting me in...I oblige and slowly push my finger in, just the tip. You let out a lil "Mmm, oh that's nice". And push against my finger. I get the tip in up to the first knuckle and I can feel your asshole tighten down on it. I squeeze more lube around my finger as I pull it out a lil bit then push it back in slowly and deeper. I keep doing this as I push my finger in deeper each time. You keep moaning and moving your ass around pushing against me so I can go deeper. I then push my second finger in along with the first and start to move them in and out slowly. Your head goes back and you turn to look at me. I can see the lust in your eyes and face; you bite your bottom lip 'Fuck David, you feel so good in my ass" you say as I push both fingers in all the way up to the last knuckle. I'm deep in your ass now, twisting my fingers. "Oh fuck David, that feels incredible". I pull my fingers out and you let out a moan of disappointment. But when you turn your head to look at me, you see me hold up a nice thick plug with lube dripping şirinevler escort from it. Your knees go weak, eyes big, you lick your lips and say "Oh my, what are you goin..." before you can finish your sentence I push the plug up against your asshole and pop it in past the first ring. You feel a head rush and kind of straighten up "Oh shit'! You say as the plug spreads your asshole open stretching it then envelopes the plug. "Mmmm, oh yes David". As I push the rest of the plug as deep as I can in your ass making sure it sits nice and snug.I wipe off the lube from my fingers and dry off my hands. You?re still bent over the chair with your skirt up over your hips and your huge tits hanging down and jiggling with each movement you make.I move myself up near your head and I unzip my pants and pull out my cock. "Let me see those lips around this thick cock".You lick your lips then move your head over and start to lick the tip of my dick. You swirl your tongue around the head then slowly lower yourself and take my cock fully into your mouth. As you're doing this, I?m reaching over and playing with your ass rubbing it gently for a few seconds...then...WHAP! My hand smacks your ass cheek. At the same time I do that I push my cock deeper down your throat so you can't move. "Mmmrreeerr mmmeereeeemmmm" I can't make out what you?re trying to say but I?m sure it was something about your ass stinging. Either way?I don?t care.As saliva starts to drip down your chin, I pull my cock out from your lips. Catching your breath you say, "Oh fuck, that was hot, I didn't think you were gonna do that". I don't say anything back as I move around behind you to the other side and start to rub your other ass check with my hand. My hands are soft and warm against your cheeks and for a second you forget about the stinging you feel on your ass?SMACK! Down comes my open palm slapping your ass cheek, again making your whole big ass wiggle and shake. You bite your lip and let out an "Mmmm". SLAP! Again on the same cheek. "you?re a bad girl, you know that' "very naughty". SMACK! Your pale white ass is now taking taksim escort on a nice Rosie hue with the shape of my hand imprinting on your ass. SLAP! Again, as I check your plug, moving it just enough to give you some pleasurable stimulation mixed with the stinging of my spanks. SLAP! ?Owe?! You yelp as my stinging hand stays on your cheek. I love how your ass wiggles and jiggles after every spank. The harder I spank, the more you feel the reverberations in your pussy and asshole. You love the feeling and you?re so turned on that your pussy starts to drip down the length of your lips and onto your thigh.SLAP!! On the other cheek then some rubbing. Both cheeks are now starting a slow red glow with outlines of my hands. SMACK!! ?OHHH?! and move your ass around some as that one really stung.I continue to do this for the next thirty minutes each time softly rubbing my hand across your ass and grabbing handfuls of your hips. I check your plug again as it looks like it wants to pop out of your ass. I slowly twist the plug while it?s in your ass, pulling it slightly, not enough to come out but enough to stretch you so you can feel it. ?Mmm, oh geez? As you push your ass back again then around a bit. I push the plug back in then pull on it. I do this a couple times and I can tell how much you love this. ?Yes David, fuck me with that plug, fuck my ass baby?!Again, I don?t say anything or do what you ask. Instead, I push the plug all the way back in as deep as I can.I make sure the plug is snug and in place then decide you?re gonna get teased some more?I lower myself so that my face is level with your ass and pussy. I take my hands and push up against your now Rosie ass cheeks and spread them wide. This makes your plug push out a lil so I push it back in and tell you to tighten your asshole around it and don?t let it cum out. You?re in such a daze now that you try to comprehend what I?m telling you and squeeze your ass together. Doing this not only makes the plug push in back deeper but you also squeeze your kegel muscle. Both stimulations almost make you cum as you push against my hands that are keeping your cheeks spread. ?Mmph, ohhh gawd, what the hell??I keep you spread and at the same time push your ass up slightly, enough to expose more of the back side of your pussy which at this point is literally dripping down your leg and glistening when the light hits it.Part 2 on the way...
07 Ekim 2021, at 20:59


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