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A few of my sexual encounters.

Post #1

A few of my sexual encounters.First up is my first lesbian experience.So I decided to do a post on my first "Girl/girl" experience. Well not my first girl, girl experience but full on Sex I guess. I was a lot younger and skinnier when this happened! (before my training days) But it was one of my best memories and even though I love cock. I still love to play with a good pair of tits or dominate a small petite woman.So before getting into the good stuff, let me just give you a short "how did we get here?"A good friend of mine and I used to have what we called "drunk Tuesdays." Basically it was our way of making a simple "weekend style drinking" acceptable for a Tuesday. Yep, we all have our excuses. Our goal on drunk Tuesday was to get shitfaced drunk and whatever happens on drunk Tuesday stays with drunk Tuesday.So here we go: It was just another drunk Tuesday, and my friend (who I should mention has lesbian tendencies) and I were prime for it. We'd pregamed at home with a few Little King's and a bit of 80s music. I was only a few minutes from downtown and the art gallery was on in Columbus, so we walked our way into town.We downed a hell of a lot of drinks (God knows what) and the goal of drunk Tuesday had officially been reached (and probably surpassed.) We were shitfaced. We stumbled back up as far as we could and then hailed a taxi the rest of the way home.We giggled, fumbled and stumbled our way upstairs and made our way into my bedroom. My friend promptly shut the door and grabbed me by the hips and slammed me straight up against the door and started making out with me. I went with it and she told me how good of a kisser I was. She pulled my top off and avcilar escort I pulled her's off and started kissing her tits, while she grabbed on mine. I had always had a thing for big tits on girls, so I started squeezing her tits and sucking on them. I probably motorboated them, I don't fucking know.After this carried on for a bit, she ripped my pants off and bent me over. We were joking still at first, but then her fingers made their way to my pussy. I was wet already from all the kissing and boob squeeing, and she said to me "do you want to get ****d??" (we had a joke about r****g... don't ask) and I laughed and said "NOOOO" but before I could make out the last O, she'd shoved her fingers in and started fingering me and rubbing my clit. After a bit, she shoved my head down to her pussy and made me lick it out.That was my first "massive" girl/girl experience, and not the last. I love girls. Not enough to leave the dick, though...I've even done a youtube video telling the story for those of you interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIv_C1jvd-UNext up is a guy I met online.To set up the story: I had recently come out of a decently serious relationship. I was past the upset part, past the crying, and getting past the pissed off stage. I guess you could say I was at the horny/missing the action/missing the sex stage. I was drinking heavily at the time, and all of my friends were off at college. So I was bored, alone and horny.Now that you know the basics, let's get to the fun part. I was sat on my PC on an IRC chatroom, downing some cranberry and gin (or maybe it was cranberry and sky vodka?) I'd had a few too many already, so I was şirinevler escort flirting up and down the proverbial chatroom walls. I got talking to a guy whose nickname was Elder, and we got serious (-ly horny) and exchanged messenger names. Shit was real.Anyway, we started talking and flirting heavily, as he was drunk too, and agreed to a "you show me yours, I'll show you mine" deal. We went on webcam together and much to my surprise (and excitement) he had a beautiful, lucious, large cock! Not to be too "romance novel" on my wording here, but it was a lovely dong. So after him wanking it on cam and talking dirty to each other, during the recoil I asked where he was from. Shockingly (and almost fictionally) it just so happened to be that he lived not only in the same state, but the same city as I did. Had I not been shitfaced drunk, I would never have even considered meeting someone I'd only JUST met like that online... but well, you know how your inhabitions come out with the right amount of booze. He offered to send for a taxi for me to meet him at his place, and I boozefully accepted.I think it took roughly 40 seconds after I got my foot in his door for me to have my legs wrapped around him, sloppily making out. I already had a skirt on for easy access (which with the size of his dick, it wasn't too easy!), so we were fucking within minutes. He threw me over the side of his couch, and worked his way in me as fast as he could. The first fuck wasn't necessarily a long fuck, but I remember it feeling amazing because when he came inside me I could feel it shoot all the way in, making me cum as well.We fucked 2 or 3 more times that night, taksim escort and I had to take the liberty of sucking his dick (every girl wants to play with a huge one) and letting him cum all over my tits.Moral of the story? Not every internet encounter turns out to be a 40 year old psycho killer.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N30hCS7qwmsAnd finally Sexy Comfest SexSo I was 24 at the time and being a resident of Columbus, Ohio, it was only logical that one year I would make it to Comfest. At the time I was drinking a place full of naked people, tits, beer and sex didn't sound like a bad idea.I made it down with a friend of mine called Geoff. During the day we met up with a few of his friends and they were all smoking weed and Hookah. Geoff and his friends were all a few years younger than me so not of legal drinking age. A friend of his called John (I believe... or he's now been referenced to as John!) wanted a beer and had no ID to get such, so he decided to put the flirt on lil old me.Of course I knew what he was doing, but it wasn't anything I wouldn't have done when I was u******e, so I rolled with it. He told me he'd buy me a beer if I used my ID to buy him one. I complied and we set fourth on our way to the beer stands.We made our way up and he flirted his pants off (and soon, mine.) I didn't mind, he was a decent enough looking guy and I was drinking, so I ate up the attention. He asked me if I had a boyfriend, which I did, but I knew he wouldn't mind anyway. So I said "yes, but he doesn't care if that's what you're asking." We'd sat down with our beers and had them to the side of us and started making out. We then decided to make our way all the back to his car where we started ripping off each other's clothes.With him being younger I don't think he was as sexually experienced as me, or maybe just not up to par, so I took control, getting on top of him the front seat.He didn't last long but it was good, fast sex.
07 Ekim 2021, at 20:23


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