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My S*ster Eva Started It All 1 by loyalsock

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My S*ster Eva Started It All 1 by loyalsockChapter One:Ever since I was just learning to speak I have called my sister Evie, pronounced like the letters E V. At first I guess she thought it was cute, but as she grew older she lost her fondness for the moniker. Any how, I still called her that and she started acting like I was a royal pain in her ass. Maybe it had a lot to do with the two year (well, 1 ½ years actually but two grades) difference in our ages. When she was a senior in high school I was just a sophomore. I hated to admit it but Evie was the hottest girl in school, probably the entire town! That meant all the other hot girls hung out with her. You know ... birds of a feather ... that sort of thing. And I SO wanted to date one of the hot girls in school, but that just pissed off Evie as she thought I was trying to horn in on her fun. She was wrong but looking back I can see her point. It was a wedge that pushed us further and further apart as she wanted to be with her friends without having to 'baby sit' her LITTLE brother! That pissed me off since I was horny, not in need of a baby sitter! Once I discovered girls as objects of desire -- and boy did I DESIRE them -- my sister tossed me out of at least five parties per year.s*s went to the local college and reluctantly agreed to help save our parents some money by living at home. Being super hot as she is, and a great dancer/gymnast she was able to make the varsity cheerleading squad as a freshman, and as such would make the team every year after without trying out. Once again this meant she was 'in' with a group of super hot college babes. She had the squad over to practice several times at our house and I soon fell in lust with Amber, same year as my sister and just as fucking hot! The first time I made a move on her Evie came up and said in a sickening sing-song voice, "Oh Amber, you need to meet my LITTLE brother, Dale, he is a JUNIOR at Flynn high school!" Amber's jaw dropped about four feet before she recovered and made a hasty retreat. Evie then said, "Dale, why don't you just let me have my life without trying to wiggle your way into it!" (After that the rest of the girls on the squad just ignored me as if I were part of the furnishings and not a person; guess they all got the word from Evie.)"But she is soooo damned hot! Almost as hot as you are!""Nice try you pencil dicked shithead! Flattery will get you nothing but a hard kick in your little balls!"Time flies and I am now a senior while Evie is a stuck up sophomore at the local college.I suppose I should tell about myself. I used to be a little shrimp, the guy whose picture they put in the body building ads as the 'before' picture. Thus her unaffectionate nickname for me. Every time she is really pissed at me she calls me 'pencil dicked shithead'. Even though I have now, as an 18 year old senior in high school, filled out into a 6'2" 210 pound hunk of solid muscles she still calls me that. Trouble is, I no longer have the pencil dick that I had as a baby boy, instead I now sport a solid eight inches that is as big around as my wrist! (If I measured it down the underside to my balls it is nearly 11 ½" but that is probably cheating to measure it like that.) My balls grew right along with my dick and each is about the size of a small peach or large plum! (I need to jack off at least three times a day -- usually more -- just to keep them from getting too full and hurting like hell. It doesn't take much to work up a huge load of man cream.) When I am lucky enough to get a girl ready to fuck, I have to keep her from seeing my manhood or the night is over! Sort of like 'sticker shock' but I call it 'fucker shock'. If I can just fuck them first, they love it and want more, but if they see it first, it's over! Stupid high school girls.Anyway, I have snuck into several parties at her college and each time was doing a good job of wooing the ladies up until my sister announced LOUDLY the presence of a high school k** and that always got me tossed on my ear out the door. Today I heard Evie and Amber discussing the Halloween costume party that they were going to on Friday night. Evie was going as the genie from the "I Dream of Genie" TV show, and Amber was going as Elvira. (She certainly had the body for it and the long black hair) They were still talking about it when I stepped into the room carrying my own costume. "Hi Evie...""It's EVA!""Yeah, whatever, anyway, as I was saying, hi Evie and hellllooo sexy Amber...""Dale, I've told you before, STOP!" Evie said as Amber smiled at me and blushed."Shit, can a guy never finish a thought around you? So you gals are going to a party too.""You're going to a different one right, my DEAR brother," Evie snarled at me, emphasizing the word 'dear'."I don't know, which party are you going to?"Amber quickly said, "The one at Phi Jama Jama fraternity!" Then quickly got a glare from my sister and she shut her mouth tightly.I could tell my sister was pisssssssed avcilar escort off so I quickly said, "Hey, guess it's your lucky weekend, s*s, I'm going to one over at Randy's parents' house! Too bad as I know how much you like it when I show up where you are." I easily ducked her punch and swatted her ass before stepping back and saying, "Look, I've even got my costume ready, I'm going as the cowboy Hop-A-long Cassidy."Evie turned up her nose in disgust saying, "Very um, original, Tex," then both of them broke out in raucous laughter. I left them alone and was soon finding out everything I could about Phi Jama Jama fraternity. Then I called around town and found a costume place with a Spiderman costume in my size that came as a top, bottom and head covering. For what I had planned I didn't want to be in a complete body suit!Friday came and Amber and Evie were getting ready for their party. I noticed that Evie had a jacket in her room and it wasn't really cold out, hmmmmm. After donning my cowboy outfit I knocked on her door as I turned the knob and pushed it open. Evie jumped as she applied her makeup, putting a big streak of blue shit on her cheek. What I really noticed was that THIS Genie had a fairly easy to see through top and when she jumped her luscious boobs bounced nicely making her bright pink nipples move all about under the shear fabric."Damn s*s, even YOU look sexy tonight!" I said as she glared at me and tried to cover her chest. "Too late, s*s, all ready saw them both! They're nearly as nice as Amber's are!" Amber smiled and blushed again. "You two make me wish I hadn't volunteered to help with the party at Randy's place! I'd love to be there at Fly Yama Bama tonight! Oh well, have fun and watch out for spooky monsters! Elvira, you look soooooooo hot!"Then I was out the door and gone as Evie threw something hard at her door with a loud thud. As I walked down the hall I could hear her cussing me out as Amber said, "I think he's kinda cute!" I couldn't catch her words but I could tell Evie was really letting her have it for even saying something nice about me.I drove over to Randy's house and thanked him for holding onto my Spiderman costume for me. "You just promise to let me know if this charade works, you cocky bastard!" he said with a huge grin. We both thought my sister was hot but he is short and not at all good looking, so I doubt he would have a chance of getting up to the plate with her. Can't blame him for hoping though. I changed into my Spiderman outfit and he looked at me and said, "Jesus fucking Christ, didn't they have one in your size?!"I looked where he was looking and saw my five inches of soft flaccid dick tucked down my left thigh and laughed at him. "This did fit good, until I had the costume lady take it in for me because I wanted it tight. She didn't want to until I let her, um, feel the problem. Then she agreed to do it as long as she got to properly measure it so that the costume would look perfect on me. She took several measurements, about five with her tape measure and two time consuming ones with her throat!""Bull shit!""True as the day is long! First she had to suck me to find out how big I get and then measure it. She couldn't stand the sight of me sticking out like that so she finished me off letting me blow my wad right down to her stomach as she managed to get about seven inches into her mouth and throat before gagging. After she made the alterations, she blew me again to make certain that it fit properly, and then happily finished me off once more. She isn't much to look at but two blowjobs is two more than I expected to get so I had no problem with it. Besides, she wasn't butt ugly or anything like that.""Fucking lucky bastard!""No, I become that if I get into the party and some how manage to fuck Amber tonight. That frat house is the wildest one on campus!"I checked my reflection in the mirror and then left with him bidding me a hearty "Good luck!" I drove around for awhile and went to the drive up at Burger King for a Whopper and a Coke. No way did I want to get there on an empty stomach and get drunk from one drink! Finally about 9:15 I parked down the street from the frat house and donned my tight fitting hood mask, then walked up to the door with a group of about seven other people in costumes. The guy at the door looked us over and said hi to the ones whose identity he could discern, then let us all in. He never gave me a second look as I was the tallest of the group.Nearly instantly somebody handed me a beer and a topless girl ran up and gave me a tongue filled kiss! She broke the kiss and said, "Hi Spiderman, I'm Eve! I lost my Adam, will you take his place?"I looked her over quickly and said, "Maybe later Eve, but right now I'm trying to find somebody. Nice tits though," I said as I boldly reached out and pinched her right tit. She reached out and stroked my limp dick and gasped when she watched it grow down my leg. "WOW şirinevler escort Spidy, if you don't find her, you come find me, please?!"After nearly an hour I thought I had finally found Amber's Elvira only to discover the girl was supposed to be Lilly Munster! She didn't let that deter her as she kissed me hard and ground our bodies together for a long time. When she finally broke our embrace she reached down and ran her fingers the entire length of my dick and asked, "Is this all you? It's not nice to fool with Lilly," my cock head twitched as she slid her fingers around my tip and she groaned out "Ooooo, it IS real! Come find me when you are done with Elvira!"Surprisingly, I bumped into Amber as she stumbled around wanting to know who was looking for her. She gave me a once over and then dropped her liquid impaired eyes to my crotch again and said "Just who is this gorgeous Spiderman that is looking for me?" I deepened my voice trying to keep her from recognizing me and we chatted briefly as we tried to dance. Finally she ground her mound against my third leg and said, "Oh god, come with me. I have got to try some of your huge cock!"She led me through the throng of people and finally we entered a darkened room with mattresses on the floor. My eyes adjusted to the dimness and I realized people were sucking and fucking everywhere around us. She led us over to one side of the room and gave a couple engaged in a heated 69 a light kick and said, "Hey Chuck, Eva, move over a little and give a girl with stud in tow some room!" My sister was on top and lifted her sexy eyes from the guy's 5 inch dick and said, "Hello Spidermannnnn! How did I manage not to see you before? Amber, you are soooooo lucky!" Then she dropped her head back onto the cock before her and resumed sucking on him. My costume's mask had a hole for the mouth so I could get down to business without having to remove it and I rapidly put that to use. In less than ten seconds I had Amber's top off and was sucking both of her luscious tits, my head moving quickly from one to the other as she groaned in pleasure. Suddenly she shoved me away from her breasts and onto my back then groaned out, "I must see your cock!" Then she pulled my costume bottoms down and gasped loudly, making my sister and several people around us look over. Several male and female voices softly said, "Holy fuck", or "Jesus H..." and Evie softly said, "Amber you lucky shit! Good luck!"By then my cock was in Amber's mouth as her tongue worked my cock head madly. She pulled her dress up and climbed over me in reverse cowgirl position, then gripped my shaft and put my tip at her entrance. Just before she would have sunk onto me I pulled my cock from her grip and huskily said, "No, turn around! I want to see your face!"As quickly as she could due to her tipsy status, she turned around and leaned in to kiss me while once more guiding my cock to her fuck hole. "Like this, Spiderman? You want to watch me fuck your huge cock?""Oh yeahhhhh," I groaned as she sank down onto me. I was in heaven but also thought Evie had glanced my way briefly. It wasn't until her fourth full thrust down that I realized I had spoke in my normal voice, shit! My sister was back at her blowjob on her guy as he sucked her pussy and Amber was in another universe as my cock gave her pleasure she apparently had never known existed before. Her voice started out in soft, quiet tones a she cried out "Oh my god, you are so BIG! Nobody has ever been so deep in me before ... Oh god ... oh GOD ... Oh shit I'M CUMMING ALREADY!" and she was screaming in pleasure as she rode me to her first climax. My hands were squeezing her gorgeous tits and then I leaned up and began sucking on one hard nipple then the other as her climaxes rolled on and on. By the time Amber was crying out in the midst of her third orgasm, practically every one of the girls were looking over at me wondering why it wasn't them that was happily fucking herself on my cock. The guys got pissed and soon the room was nearly empty. Only Evie and her guy remained along with two couples who were out cold, having passed out in the middle of their fuck. Evie had moved on top of her guy and was trying to ride his cock but I could tell she wasn't getting any pleasure from her efforts. In reality, she was watching her best friend bouncing on my shaft as orgasm after orgasm racked her beautiful body. Suddenly Amber tensed as my cock grew even bigger inside her and she screamed out, "OH YES! OH FUCK, SPIDERMAN, GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE ME YOUR CUM! OH FUCK ME AND FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!" She was rocking her pussy on me, her opening tightly attached to me as if we were one body. My balls erupted into her, blasting torrents of cum against her cervix as she screamed in climax once again! Amber arched her back and her head fell back letting her long hair tickle my legs as she shivered in ecstasy as wave after glorious wave of bliss washed over her.As taksim escort Amber shook hard above me she soon lost the ability to speak in any language, her sounds having no meaning at all. Still her body was forcing her pussy harder and harder onto me as her climax pounded her body into submission! Finally she slowed her movements and straightened her body. Her eyes came back into focus and she looked down at me with her face aglow with love and lust quite briefly before she keeled over and passed out, exhausted from our lovemaking and her thunderous climaxes.Amber slowly dropped between my body and that of my sister's fuck mate and she breathed deeply with a contented smile on her face. Making certain to keep my voice deep I said, "Hey, Amber, are you alright?" I was getting worried when my sister reached over and gently put her hand on my arm. I looked into her lust crazed eyes as she said, "Don't worry about her; it has happened before, just not from fucking. I sucked her clit once till she passed out, just like she did now. You must have really rocked her world to put her out like this!"Not wanting to sit around and talk to Evie, I slid out from under Amber's leg and patted her fine ass as I said deeply, "You were great doll, hope you wake up soon." I started to pull up my costume bottoms when Evie reached over and grabbed my cock in her delicate hand. My eyes met hers and she said "Do you really have to leave already? My guy here passed out and turned into a limp noodle under me; trust me that is not good for a girl's self esteem! I could really use a good hard fuck, and I know I can make you feel REAL good!" As she spoke her hand was slowly stroking the entire length of my still hard cock. Before I could make up my mind -- I mean I didn't come here to fuck MY sister, just Amber and her sweet pussy -- Evie leaned over and inhaled my shaft to the back of her mouth and bobbed several times on me as her eyes searched mine through my mask.She must have sensed it as just before I was going to push her away and finish dressing she moved a bit to her side and then pushed forward not stopping until her nose was pressed tightly to my pubic hair! No girl had ever swallowed my entire cock before! I jerked up into a sitting position and emitted a huge groan of pleasure and Evie pulled off of me and quickly gave me a passionate kiss, her eyes still searching mine. Finally I thought, 'What the fuck, why not do it? She's a bitch who deserves it after all the shit she has dished out to me over the years. She'll never know it was me.'So I decided to make her beg me to fuck her. "Oh, I don't know," my deep voice said, "your friend was a great fuck; I might not be able to keep it up for you!"In desperation my sister pleaded, "Don't you worry about that, Spiderman, I can suck you back to full strength as often as I need to!" and to prove it she dove back onto me using her lips, tongue and throat muscles to work my cock into a harder than steel shaft. I glanced at her passed out fuck buddy and gave her a look that screamed 'doubtful'. She pulled off of me and said triumphantly, "See, no problem with that! Don't worry about him; he's just one of the guys. But I've always wanted to suck and fuck a cock like yours, just never thought I would EVER see one."Again I moved as if to leave and she jumped up and straddled me then dropped her pussy right onto me, not stopping until she had over half of my cock up her velvet tunnel. "Oh fuckkkkkkkk that's so good! Oh PLEASE don't leave yet! Please fuck me with your wonderful cock, PLEASE!" All the while she begged me her pussy was pumping on and off of me, slowly working more of me in until she sat there with about seven inches stuffed inside of her. "Please, let me fuck you and then after I climax I'll suck you off and swallow your cum...oh god PLEASE!"In my deep voice I slowly said, "Well, you do feel really nice like this. And you can suck cock extremely well. Okay, you're on!"Boy was she! Evie was pounding her hips onto me over and over as her tunnel opened fully and took me to her deepest realms, my cock head bruising her cervix as she slammed onto me in a frenetic pace. I watched her face contort as several small climaxes hit her, then she scrunched up her face in pleasure and screamed "OH MY GODDDD I'M CUMMMMING! I'M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD! OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, yes, yes, yes, yes, FUCKKKKKKKKKK!" My sister kept bouncing wildly on my shaft as her groans went on and on until finally her body began to slow and her head slumped down against her chest. I lifted her head up and said deeply, "Don't even think about passing out on me! You've got a cock to suck and a gallon of cum to swallow!"Evie looked down at me and a big grin swept her face before she softly said, "I thought you would never ask!" Slowly she pulled her well fucked pussy from me and knelt between my legs. Then she looked into my eyes as she slowly took my cock into her mouth and all the way to the base in one continuous movement. God but I groaned when she did that! "Oh, do you like that, S-man?" I guessed that saying Spiderman would take her too long so she had shortened it up a bit, not that I minded. Instead I just nodded my head and she happily resumed her oral work.
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