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Top 5: 4.1986 I am stationed in Germany; I am young and handsome, which equals stupid and over-confident. I thought I could get any woman I wanted, what I didn?t know was I was at a place where there were 20 single males to every single woman! (That sucked), I was fighting an uphill battle just to get near a woman.One evening I was at the NCO Club and I meet a woman, I tried to talk to here but I was getting nowhere, and she knew it, I left the club feeling dejected and angry. The nest day at work I was doing record screenings for a support unit and some soldiers came in for one on ones, to my surprise the woman I spoke to at the club was right in front of me.I was lost for words, there she was and I felt stupid, she was an SFC (Sergeant First Class) and was coming up for promotion to MSG, I shrug it off and concentrated on the job at hand we reviewed her file şişli escort and made all necessary corrections. I did my job as a professional, and after my boss reviewed it her file was solid. SFC thanked me and left soon as she out of my sight I sighed the biggest breathes of relief.I was back at the club that night sitting at the bar when SFC came by and sat next to me she thanked me again for helping her then she said ?you have no game!?, ?pardon me? I said, ?you tried too hard last night, all you had to do was talk like a man and not as a player?, my reply was ?why don?t you teach me then?. She looked at me and said ?okay I will?.The next 3 months she schooled me, telling me everything she would like in a man, she told me if you can do it, then do it, if not be honest and say you can?t. Don?t drink too much in front of a woman, have decency mecidiyeköy escort for the woman especially when she is not near for people will talk. I must keep my mouth close about my relationship with a woman even if I had a one night stand (it is nobody?s business), I should be relaxed when with a woman and not try to be a player, have fun and flirt a little, and don?t be pushy and perverted.We had made plans to take a tour trip to Zurich, Switzerland which was only 4 hours away, we enjoyed our tour and that night we went out, I thanked her for all here help and I told her I was attracted to her and it was getting stronger, she said there was one more lesson to give. We arrived back to the hotel and went to her room. ?I like you Jerry, so what I am going to do is out of my norm?, she walked over and kissed me and I returned it, esenyurt escort her tongue was warm and sweet and the kiss seemed to last forever.She excused herself and went to the bathroom I wanted to tear my cloths off jump into the bed but I knew better, she came out of the bathroom in a lovely teddy with a robe on, she sat on the bed and told me SLOWLY remove my clothes, I did so until I was completely nude. She told me get into the bed and instructed me on how to perform proper cunnilingus, she taught me on how to be in tuned with her body, to pay attention to how she reacts to whatever I do.We made love that night, some passionate, some with lustful greed. I all I wanted was to please her. We laid in bed sweaty, hot and satisfied. SFC told me I did well and that this will never happen again, she was leaving for a new duty stationed and will never see me again. I sighed I knew this was not going to be forever, I replied telling her I was cool with it, I thanked her for all she did and I will miss her.To this day I applied everything she taught me in one way or another, I truly miss her.I didn?t used her name out of respect.
07 Ekim 2021, at 19:48


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