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Lesley part 10

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Lesley part 10Rob and Lesley walked through the precinct, out a side entrance, leading on into the rear end of the multi-storey car park. Over the road from there were a few bars, two restaurants and an Ann Summers shop. Rob led Lesley by the hand...like lovers....into the shop. There were directional signs up pointing to different areas according to the requirements of the customer. "Well Lesley....Let's get you some underwear....yours are now not fit for purpose, and if we are going to get you regular cock we need your underwear modernised. Those knickers you had on this morning were awful. I got £100 off my golf pro this morning...that's your knicker money. Let's get it spent. I'll get some help...stay here" Rob walked off and Lesley walked through the racks and racks of very sexy underwear. She didn't like the crotchless ones, but they did make her giggle. She liked the lovehoney open back lace knickers and she thought Rob would like them. There were so many to chose from, and the price was staggering. She had a basque at home but the Louise ivory basque she held, was quite categorically stunning. But again the price....Rob had said they'd spend the money from this morning on underwear...it's going to be a very small bag she thought. She giggled. Here she was...playing hookey from work...lying to everybody about where she is. Spending someone else's money on herself, so as she could expose it to someone else. Her giggle turned into a moment of sadness as she gained clarity as to what she was becoming. She pushed this sadness out of her mind because right now she was enjoying the moment. The years of shit were behind her, she hoped, and she was determined to...as rob told her....have some fun. Rob returned with a lady in her 40's called Julie. She was very well dressed and looked professional. "Lesley this is Julie. Shes going to help us chose a few things. I've told her we are throwing all your old underwear out and starting from fresh. We've got a good discount sorted so don't be worrying about price. Now...Julie over to you.....""Ok. hi Lesley. Hope I can be of help. If you come this way and we'll get your correct size. I've got a private room at the back and we can work better there. This should take about an hour and a half so I'll get someone else to look after the shop. Come this way."Lesley followed Julie and watched her walk towards the rear of the shop. She noticed how elegant she seemed and her deportment was far superior to her own. "If you can take your clothes off and I'll be back in a minute. There's hangers over there." She thought Rob was behind her but he wasn't. She was alone. She took her white blouse off and hung it on a hanger, it was quite cool in the back shop and her nipples hardened. Just as she was undoing the fastener on her wrap dress, Julie walked through the door with another girl. "Hi Lesley. This is one of my assistants, Meeks, she is from Taiwan and represents one of my suppliers. She will be bringing lingerie for you to try on. Ok. Are you comfortable with this.""Yyyes I'm sure everything will be fine...where's Rob? "Oh he's about somewhere...looking at toys I think"Rob was in fact upstairs, watching the proceedings on a 40" TV screen with a beer in his hand, talking to the regional director of the company. This man was in the same lodge as Rob and happy to help. "Ok now we'll take some measurements and Meeks will bring something's for you to try on. Ok let's get started."The foreign girl was very beautiful, had long jet black hair, slim with perfect bra less breasts and a pert bottom. She would only be early 20's but had a confidence gained by good education. She produced a tape measure and got to work. Julie did the talking while Meeks did the work. Neither were in the slightest way, embarrassed by there work and Lesley was put at her ease. "Lesley...Meeks is going to take your measurements then bring things in she thinks will suit you. You can try them on and I will give you my opinion. Ok. Carry on Meeks."The girl took Lesley's measurements and as she did so, she cupped Lesley's breasts in her hands...then felt the firmness in the cheeks of her bottom, and then inspected her pussy lips...nipping them together..then releasing them. She şişli escort never said a word. And left. "Your probably wondering what she was doing Lesley...let me explain. Some undergarments are loose fitting..like some nightdresses..baby dolls etc. some are tight fitting..like basques. Meeks was checking what will suit your body best. Your breasts are small but firm, and your sleeper might get caught in some lacy bras. We have to watch that. You have a very nice bottom and it is still quite firm. She checked your pussy to see how it would look in crotchless panties. The shape and appearance differs in many women and some suit crotchless underwear...some don't. I would think Meeks will say yours does. Now it is entirely up to you if you want them or not. Some men like them. Some don't. They arent practical for everyday use, but for naughty moments they are perfect...look"Julie lifted her skirt to reveal stockings a crotchless thong waspie. Lesley stood open mouthed. She did a twirl to show her the rear and then let her skirt back down. "If you can take off your own suspenders Meeks will be bringing some more in. Rob wants you to have everything knew."Upstairs Rob was asking his fellow lodge member, which one of the women would use the strap on dildo too fuck Lesley with. "You chose Rob buddy. They're both bisexual and fuck each other regular. Take your pick."Meeks appeared with arm fulls of sexy undergarments. Thongs, bikini briefs, French knickers, waspies, basques, peephole bras, babydolls, corsets,...all then neatly laid out on a large table. "Meeks will now help you try them on and test for fit.""Ok" Lesley said quietly. She felt out of her depth. Meeks helped Lesley step into a black and white waspie thong with a crotch. She made sure it was snug, then slipped a finger under the gusset making sure it wasn't creased. The back of her finger dragging right along her slit and catching her clitorus. She gasped. "How does that feel Lesley? Comfy...to be sexy, you need to be comfy too. No good crippling yourself or stopping blood flow. Leave that to the k**s eh? We can still turn heads and stand cocks up even at our age...but let's be happy too. That's what I say anyway.""Yyyes I think your right" was all she could think of to say. Thirty minutes later she had tried on many many items, all in different designs, makes and different levels of eroticism. Each time she tried something on,a hand momentarily either played with her nipples, or her bum or a finger entered her vagina or flicked over her clit. She was a bag of nerve endings. Lesley put various thongs, waspies and basques to one side but very few bras. Rob had said that he preferred her to go bra less and only get some if they were in a special set. Altogether she had thirty plus items for Rob to look at before they made a final decision. Unbeknown to Lesley every item she had picked had been decided for her by Julie, ....she had made Lesley think it had been herself who had chosen them. The items in fact were not practical for every day use...they were sex items. Pure and simple 'fuck me' please items. Lesley was happy. Meeks appeared with some toys for Lesley to try. Lesley blushed and said..."no no I couldn't. Honestly...I'm really not into toys...." She was horny as hell and knew if they started using those things on her she would be unable to control herself. "Nonsense your doing really well. Half an hour and we'll be all done...now Meeks is going to show you six toys and Rob wants you to have three. The first one is the rabbit..I'm sure you have one of those eh Lesley? Now if you can lie on your back on the table Meeks will show you the first one...that's it good girl. Now open your legs for Meeks....that's it..now if you want just close your eyes and relax. The first one is a silicone rechargeable rabbit vibrator. Meeks will test it on you"The Taiwanese girl started the battery operated toy and eased the cock head into Lesley's wet pussy. She put it in two inches and left it there for a minute, letting the vibration do its work. She eased it right in and let the small head dip into her clit hood and torment her more. Lesley was panting and twitching and trying desperately hard to stay calm. The mecidiyeköy escort spasms were building up and self control was waining. Meeks was very good at this...she had had many lesbian sex sessions before, all good fun. She loved pussy but really preferred cock...lots of it. In her hometown she had both male and female lovers...sometimes together.. where the men equally liked both cock and pussy. She once had a man in her pussy while the man had a cock in his arse. ."It's sex. Just sex." That was her motto. She tormented Lesley but didn't let her cum. She produced love balls and inserted them into her vagina..again letting them stir her up but not taking over the top. She tried remote vibrating knickers where Meeks inserted the tiny vibrator into the special knickers and then turned it on and off by remote...Lesley thought Rob would love that. She was right. There was a pool of love juice on the table and Lesley was going to scream if she didn't come soon. She felt drunk without having a drink, and was so tormented she soon would do anything. Upstairs Rob sat enjoying every moment. He had told her her education would be extensive and was only carrying out his promise. He watched as Julie took off her suit and proceeded to attach an adjustable harness with a magnificent sculpted vein covered shaft dildo with a generous sized head..it must have been 8" long and really thick. Rob thought 'by fuck if she takes that I'll eat my fucking hat.'Downstairs Lesley felt something large probing at the entrance to her pussy. She heard from somewhere the voice of Julie telling her that this was one of there best selling dildos. Lesleys eyes opened slightly, and she dreamily saw Julie...the same Julie who had helped her chose all those naughty knickers...and now, the same Julie who was going to fuck her with a huge flesh coloured false cock.....and Lesley couldn't be happier. She wasn't gay..she knew it...she just needs to cum so badly. FOR FUCK SAKE MAKE ME CUM.....Her body screamed. The rubber cock slid into Lesley's soaking wet fuck hole. Julie held Lesley's legs wide and fed the cock, inch by inch into the wanton bitches cunt. It was so thick Julie actually winced for her. She took her time because she had never seen anywoman take this monster before. She had made her concerns known to Rob the day before when they had discussed Lesley's experience. He had been very insistent that she had to take the thickest toy they had. Julie knew Rob had the length of cock as she had had him before...the girth was going to be the problem for the girl. Lesley opened her eyes and they seemed to roll in her head, concentration was increasingly difficult She drifted from one sexual plateau to another, thinking she saw the foreign girl and she seemed to be naked...not sure if she imagined it. She felt a tongue on her clit and a hand on her breast...the huge cock splitting her open inch by inch. Deeper and deeper it went as the tongue on her bud driving her mad with desire. Her nipple was pulled by a mouth as the jewelled nipple was tugged and sucked. She opened her eyes again, just in time to see a very smooth olive skin perfectly shaped slit defending onto her mouth. Meeks had climbed onto the table and was alternating between biting and licking her clit and sucking her erect nipples. She now was lowering her pussy onto Lesley's tongue. Rob leaned forward, closer to the screen. He was very very interested in the next bit. He was aware the older and younger women had got Lesley into a state of sexual delirium, but wasn't sure if her reaction would be positive or negative when faced with the prospect of eating pussy herself. It's one thing to be pleasured by a same sex partner, but totally different to reciprocate the same favour. Rob himself, while in Bangkok, had let a ladyboy suck him off, just to see if his body would allow it. The same ladyboy offered his cock to suck and Rob had politely declined. His friend who was nearby, split the screen into two sections, one he zoomed the camera onto Lesley's face with the hovering pussy, and the other with the huge cock slowly penetrating her cunt. "Hope your getting this in HD!" Rob quipped "and if this hits the internet you'll esenyurt escort be blackballed quicker than you can say 'suck my cock'...got that..."The man laughed as Rob studied the foreign girls backside. He hoped upon hope that Lesley would open her mouth. The other screen showed that the monster cock was now totally imbedded in Lesley's sleeve. Her lips were completely stretched and Julie stayed completely still, letting her get used to being filled with a beyond belief object. She was rubbing her clit with her forefinger while leaning forward and kissing her coworker and lover Meeks. A light flickered as a signal for them both to go to the next phase. Julie proceeded to gently pull the rubber cock out of Lesley's body, just as Meeks lowered her moist, perfect slit onto Lesley's face Lesley felt movement, as, the pussy splitting object was being withdrawn, only to be pushed back in...slowly at first, but noticeably increasing speed each time. She opened her eyes again as she gasped at the pain/pleasure that was coursing her body.... seeing Meeks pussy just an inch from her mouth. Julie nipped Lesley's clit quite hard and Lesley's mouth moved an inch in the air just as Meeks lowered herself down in total coordination. Robs cock was rock hard and he so needed to at least take his trousers off. Having an erection with 9" cock is difficult in a pair of tight trousers. He glanced over and saw his friend wanking his 6" cock quite openly. Rob hadnt done this sort of joint wanking since he was a teenager and didn't intend starting now. Back on the TV screen Rob saw Lesley bring her hands up to Meeks's bottom, and for one horrible moment thought she was going to push her away. Not for the first time Lesley brought a beaming smile to Robs face as she took hold of the olive skinned girl and pulled her arse down onto her tongue. The camera angle was perfect for seeing Lesley fuck the girls pussy with her tongue....sticking it out as far as she could and pulling the girl down onto it. At the other end Julie was giving her the time of her life. The oversized toy was plunging her depths now, and she was taking it like a pro. Rob hoped her pussy shrank, and soon, or she wouldn't feel him....he smiled knowing it would. Lesley's toungue was now pushing into the girls arse hole while she tried to get as many fingers as possible into her pussy. Her perfect lips were now a little stretched, as Lesley got 3 then four fingers in. Rob really thought she was trying to fist her, and it was only when the foreign girl said "no more...too many...just four..." that he realised, that his little slut, Lesley, was actually out-fucking...the queens of fucking. He beamed with pride. Lesley stood in the shower cubicle letting her two friends wash her down. They soaped her and massaged her, washed her hair and fondled her. There hands were everywhere and Lesley let them. She had had the freakiest orgasm she had ever had. Never in her life had she squirted when cumming. She'd heard girls talk about it at work but never experienced it. Meeks had started cummingbin her tongue and Julie was feeding her monster rubber cock so fast she couldn't breathe. The foreign girl had pressed her pussy so hard down suring her own orgasm that it stopped Lesley being able to draw breath. She had had to push her up so as to breathe, just at the same time as her own body started shaking as she came. She felt this enormous pressure trying to escape, and as she lunged forward, nearly upending her lover on top of her,mshe felt this gush of piss like cum squirt out of her pussy, flooding the table. Four jets in total left her body, leaving the girls soaking in Lesley's female ejaculation. Meeks had tried to go down on Lesley in the shower to eat her pussy, but Lesley said she was sore. Ten minutes later they had dried her, and used a pamper cream to ease her aching limbs. They brought her a set of underwear she had liked....the black and white crotchless waspie and black seamed stockings. They also brought a tight black skirt and her own white blouse. They dried her hair and applied makeup...something that Lesley rarely did. She looked in the mirror and was stunned...she actually looked quite pretty. She nearly cried, and she hugged and thanked the girls for looking after her. Rob appeared and asked if she was ok. She said she was and in fact she felt like a million dollars...and it was all thanks to him. She hugged him too and he held her at arms length looking at her ...and Rob had to agree..she did.
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