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poolside sex

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poolside sexIt was a hot and sunny day which made this day a perfect one for lounging at the pool. I texted my friend Emma if she would like to hang out at my pool for the day and when she said ?yes? I became excited about it and pictured in my mind all kinds of sexual fantasies that could happen,about an hour and a half later the doorbell rang and sure enough it was Emma and man did she look hot, she had her long dark hair down to her mid waist, short jean shorts that showed off her sexy legs and a loose black t-shirt which complimented her nice breasts. She smiled at me and say ?hey you, wanna swim?? to which I said ?absolutely? so we went out to my back yard where the pool was. I was wearing a gray t-shirt and some swim trunks that were rather short, so I removed my shirt. I wasn't a particularly buff guy but I had an average build with some muscle, but most women thought I was good looking enough. I dove in and I saw Emma remove your clothes to reveal a red bikini and the şişli escort perverted and sexual thoughts raced through my mind. She was a sexy girl with a great body, she jumped in and we swam around for sometime. Afterwards I went to recline a chair by the deck but Emma was still in the pool, I couldn't take my eyes off her, I wanted her body, then she rose up from the pool with her big breasts dripping with pool water, she smiled slyly at me and walked towards me then I looked up at her and she leaned over me and said ?i know what you want, I want it to, I want to make sweet love to you right here, you've been wanting to fuck me for sometime, this is your chance baby.? I pulled her close to me and we open mouth kissed, I was hard as a fucking rock and Emma could feel it as she rubbed her body against mine. We stood up briefly as she removed her bikini top and revealed her nice, soft and perky breasts with her erect nipples, I touched them gently then caressed mecidiyeköy escort them, licked them and finally I sucked them passionately. ?do you like that babe?? I asked and she replied in low and sexy voice?mmmmm...feels soo fucking good. Now its my turn? she dropped to her knees and began to undo my bathing suit while running her hand where my hard cock was poking out, she pulled them down and my hard cock was fully erect. ?such a nice and meaty cock? she said, and began to lick around the head and shaft, then she put her lips on it and slowly began to suck, I moaned in delight as she went from slow sucking to fast sucking and eventually to near deep throating, her mouth was covered in saliva and pre-cum. She gasped as soon as she finished sucking, looking up at me she asked ?how was that stud?? ?so good, I want to fuck you bad? I said, she undid your thong and she was shaved completely, Emma went to lay on the recliner and spread her pussy esenyurt escort out so I immediately began to run my fingers around run tight pussy then I started to lick and inserted my tongue into her tight vagina, she moaned in delight ?OOOHH YES? she exclaimed, as I continued to do so she moaned louder until I said ?bend over babe? so she turned around and got in the anal sex position with her nice round ass sticking out. I started by spanking her butt then I gently inserted my cock into her anus, it felt soo good I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold my cum, so I began to thrust harder and harder. Emma was moaning ?OOOOHHHH DADDY!! I LOVE HAVING YOU INSIDE ME! OH YES YES YES YES!? finally I said ?EMMA IM GONNA CUM SOON!!? so I took my cock out of her ass and she lay her back on the chair and said ?spray your hot load all over face and tits? so I stroked my cock furiously until I shot my hot and sticky load all over her face and tits which began to drip down. ?UGGGHHHH? I exclaimed, I was cover in sweat as was Emma who licked the cum off her tits and said ?that was fucking awesome, did you love it babe?? ?of course Emma, you're such a hottie and a wild girl.? as we were both covered in sweat we then went skinny dipping while french kissing.
07 Ekim 2021, at 19:35


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