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I Gave Away A Jade

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I Gave Away A JadeWhen I graduated from college I went to work as an architect and was doing pretty well, so Jade and I married the next year. The first year went ok, but the only problem was in the bedroom. I just wasn't able to give my lovely jade the loving that she needed. She said that it didn't matter, but I thought it might.Then a couple of years after that I came home from work about 6:30 and the house was empty and all dark. I was sitting on the couch drinking a soda when I saw splash of lights on the front windows. I just waited for her to come in and when the door opened I could hear her laughing loudly and then she kind of stumbled through the door. I first realized that she had been drinking and then I noticed that there were others with her. A man walked in behind her helping her through the door and there was two other men following him. I told her that she was drunk and she just smiled and said, "uh huh" and then burst out laughing all over again. I demanded to know who the people were that was with her and she informed me that this was Jeffery, and the other two men were... It was evident that she had forgotten who the men were so she just told me that they were Jeffery's friends and busted up laughing again.I started to rant about bringing strange people home and then Jeffery was standing right in front of me. I looked at him and he slapped my face. I told him to stop, but he just did it again. I then told him to stop again and he slapped me and asked if I really wanted him to stop. I told him that I did and then he told me to suck his cock. Well I refused in my most manly manner and he slapped my face again. I told him to stop and he replied with "suck my cock" I told him I wouldn't but even before I could finish he slapped me again and told me to suck his cock. I started to say something but he was just slapping me telling me to suck his cock. I tried pleading with him to stop but he just kept it up. Finally I agreed but asked him to stop and he said No and slapped me again and then told me that the only way for him to stop was for me to suck his cock. I looked around and everyone was watching me.His slaps were coming fast and harder and harder. I found myself getting to my knees and begging with him not to make me do this but he just kept it up telling me to unzip his pants and pull out his cock and suck him. Well I finally unzipped his pants with him hitting me faster and harder. I tried to get his cock out but it was just too big so I had to unbuckle his belt and open his jeans to get it out. I tried to plead one last time but then I finally just put the huge cock in my mouth. He stopped slapping me and told me to keep my eyes on him at all times. I looked up and he slapped me and told me to suck him. Well şişli escort I started to suck his cock and then I heard Jade exclaim Damnit. The other two guys both let out a yell and then started to chant DP DP DP.Jeffery told me that they made a bet with Jade that if I sucked his cock that they could DP her. I glanced her way and she just said, thanks a lot cocksucker. Then Jeffery made another declaration that stunned the lovely Jade when he said, "And by the way he is sucking my cock it isn't the first one that he has ever sucked. Jade then asked, oh yeah, and whose cock did you suck? I was looking at Jeffery and he pushed my head back and told me to answer. I told her that when I was in college I had a encounter with another guy. She just looked at me for a moment and then asked who. I was hoping she would drop the subject before it went any further but it didn't look that was going to happen. I told her that it was with Tim my roommate. Her jaw dropped and she said, you lived with him for two years, Was it going on that whole time, I nodded and then she asked and what else did you do, and I told her that I sucked him just about every night and on most nights before he shot his load in my mouth he would fuck me. Well she just looked at me and then said well what the hell do I care now, I'm not going to be fucking you any more. With that she stepped closer to Jeffery and put her arm around him and said that she has found her man to fill her void form now on. Jeffery told me to go back sucking his cock, which I did.For some reason I felt that I should have been ashamed at being treated like I was but I wasn't in the least. I knelt there at Jeffery's feet and watched as my wife lifted her top for him and allowed him to kiss and play with her beautiful breasts. When I saw this I realized that she didn?t have a bra on. One of the other two guys was on the other side of Jade and he played with her other breast and then he slipped his hand down Jade skirt and I could see he was fingering her pussy and she started to moan and breathe hard. After a few minutes of this Jeffery said hey why don't you two take baby cakes here into the bedroom so we can have some fun, but don't start without me. As Jade was being led away he told her to leave her clothes on as he had something special in mind for her. She smiled and said, whatever you say just so long as I don?t have to have them on very long. I'm real horny and I want to get fucked all night long. With that they kissed and she allowed herself to be led into the bedroom by the other two men. When they had disappeared down the hallway Jeffery told me to get up and strip off all my clothes. As I was doing this he told me that when we went into the bedroom that he wanted mecidiyeköy escort me to strip Jade for them and to give her to them. I guess I looked kind of like I wanted to ask a question and then he explained what he wanted me to do. When you remove her top I want you to say that her breasts are yours and then offer them to us and explain what we can do with them, such as these are Jade's lovely breasts and you can kiss them pinch them or squeeze them and so forth. I was thinking about this when Jeffery told me to get on my hands and knees and crawl into the bedroom. As I crawled down the hallway to the bedroom I thought about what I was going to say. When I crawled into the room Jade was sitting on the bed and she laughed and said, well it's about time you two got here, I'm horny and I want to fuck. Jeffery kind of kicked my butt and told me to get over there and give Jade to us. He then told the other two guys to come over where he was. Jade was kind of mystified by this and I just stood next to her and I figured out where Jeffery was going with this and started out. Sir this is my wife Jade and I give her to you. I give you her mouth which has a beautiful smile and also is the perfect place to kiss if you want. It will also I'm sure be the perfect place to put your big beautiful cock. She has never sucked my cock before so I can't really say from experience but I'm sure that she will do it good and then when you get ready to cum I'm sure that it will accept all your cum. I then rubbed my hands down over her body and felt her breasts and lifted the heavy rounded mounds and offered them to the three men and told them that they would be able to have these breasts to do with as they wished. I then lifted up her top and pulled it over her head allowing her breasts to sink and loll naturally. I massaged them as I offered them to the men telling them that they could pinch, massage, lick, and suck on them if they so wished. Then it was Jeffery that asked, and if I want to tie them up nice and tight I can do that as well. I assured him that they were now his and that he could do with them as he wished. I then moved down to Jade's skirt which I unbuttoned and moved down over her lovely hips allowing it to fall to the floor. It was then that I noticed that she was without panties. I guess she was watching and then said, "Damn, I forgot my panties at the bar. She looked to Jeffery and told him that when he pulled her panties down they just fell the rest of the way and she stepped out of them and then forgot them what with all the fingers and hands playing with her pussy. I continued showing the men her pussy that was now shaved. I hadn't seen it in about three weeks so it could have been done anytime esenyurt escort and I wouldn't have noticed it. I told the men how nice it was and how much they would enjoy having their cocks sliding in and out of her. Feeling her moist hole and then finally filling it with their cream making it theirs. I then told them that was Jade and they could have all of her. Jeffery asked what about her butt, so I had Jade turn and bend over. I remembered that they wanted a DP and so I offered them her butt. I told them that it was a nice butt and I'm sure that they would enjoy having their cocks deep inside of her. Jeffery told me to insert my finger and tell them if it was tight. I did this and was told to finger fuck her which I did. I could hear Jade begin to moan with pleasure at my finger banging her. I was then to remove it and tell them what she smelled like. I did this and then Jeffery told me to suck my finger. I did and I could not only smell Jade, but I could also taste her.Jeffery told me to come over to him and suck his cock, and then he told Jade to get on the bed and to spread her legs so that he could fuck her. I knelt before Jeffery and began to suck his cock, and he just kept getting harder and harder. Then he told me to get up as it was time for him to fuck my slut wife. He told Jade to spread her legs and spread them for him. She did and was smiling and I remember thinking how beautiful she was. He ordered me to guide his cock into her pussy and as I lined up the head of his cock to Jade?s pussy and then watched as it slowly disappeared I heard her exclaim, ?Oh, how I?ve wanted a real man to fuck me!?As he began to fuck her he told me to get back over there suck the other two guys so that they could be hard when they fucked Jade. I did that and didn?t stop until it was time for one of them to cum and then I had to take their cum in my mouth. Jeffery said that he didn?t want anyone to spoil his new slut whore. They fucked her off and on for the next three hours. When they were tired of fucking her, and were just lounging around Jeffery had Jade and I kneel at his feet. Jade was so fucked out and had so many orgasms that she could barely walk. Jeffery then told us that we would stay married but we were not to have sex with each other anymore. He also told us that we were not to have sex with anyone unless he told us we could. He told Jade that he was going to set her up an internet sex site and that he would post naked pictures and videos of people fucking her.That was almost a year ago, and Jade does have her sex site and she has a photo shoot about twice a week. One is just for pictures and the other is for a video of her fucking someone. I know that her site brings in lots of money, but we never see any, Jeffery takes it all. He spends about two nights a week with Jade and I sleep in another room. I have to wear a chastity device and once a week he milks me, and every so often he fucks me in front of Jade. When Jade see?s him fucking me she laughs and calls me names which I really like.
07 Ekim 2021, at 18:30


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