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The "Five" Part 2 - First Submission

Post #1

The "Five" Part 2 - First SubmissionGwenGwen had accepted my proposal for meeting on Wednesday night. As the youngest of the first batch, (See part 1), I was eager to meet her. She had said that she thought my age would be an advantage. Wednesday at 5 was the agreed time. I prepped as before including the suite at the casino. She arrived at the restaurant on time. A red silky blouse and black slacks, golden yellow hair just to her neck. Wait the blouse, it looks open but it is not. Gwen is showing cleavage as I requested, but to the bottom of her breasts! The roundness of them is proudly displayed as she struts towards me, knowing that every male in the place is looking at her. Chatter in the background seems to quiet. I wave and she comes to my table. I take her soft warm hand and kiss the back of it, quickly turning it so I can kiss the inside of her wrist. She sits at the table. I hear a noise, it appears that two male waiters both want to wait our table! We chat about her entrance and eat a light dinner to light conversation. After paying the bill, we run the gauntlet of leering patrons to the door, lol, my arm around her shapely waist, her leaning into me. We go to her car."Shall we go to the marina where we can talk in private?"Gwen giggles, "Just talk?" I giggle back, "For now, yes."I lean in to lightly brush her cheek with my lips.Gwen follows me to the marina parking lot and parks next to my jeep. I get in her car. She giggles as I gather her into my arms. I kiss her lightly in the center of her forehead, her cheeks, along the jaw line, then the tip of her nose. She smiles, her breathing increasing with her arousal. I kiss the corner of her month and Gwen's lips part seductively I steel myself to continue the seduction. I kiss along her upper lip, her hot breath against my lips. Reaching the other corner I light draw her lower lip between my lips and kiss my way back. I slide my tongue between her lips as Gwen rises to meet my kiss with a moan. She wraps her arms around my shoulders as we continue to kiss."Oh Daddy!" Gwen moans. I continue kissing her, cupping her breast as she moans. "Am I your Daddy, Gwen?" She nervously responds, "Is that ok, or would you prefer Sir, or Master.""Gwen that is fine, though it is something we will need to explore." "Yes Daddy, that sounds like fun!" she giggles nervously.We talked more then I asked her if she would like to continue this in a more intimate location. She said yes, so I told her about my suite. To give herself 15 minutes to think things through. Then join me if she wanted to explore further. I kissed her lightly on the cheek, then hopped into my Jeep and drove over to the Casino. I quickly went to finish the preparations in the room. I was still recovering a bit from the last few days, this will not be a full night session. I will cut Gwen some slack for that. My phone buzzes, Gwen is waiting at the private elevator.In the elevator I wrap my arm around Gwen's sexy waist."I wish I had been there to see you walk across the casino floor."She giggles, "It was exciting!"We get off the elevator on my floor. Walk down to the suite, and I open the door."Gwen, please sit with me in the loveseat.""With pleasure, Daddy."I kneel in front of her and remove her heals."Tonight is about sexual chemistry between us, Gwen, no limits.""No limits, Daddy, what do you mean?""I mean that you may do anything to me you like, and I hope that you will allow me the same freedom.""So Daddy you want to fuck all my holes, right? Daddy, no. You may not fuck my ass.""Gwen, have you ever had anal sex?""No at least not with a guy. My girlfriend uses her strapon in my ass regularly.""Do you like it when you girlfriend fucks your ass.""Yes Daddy, I do, but it feels weird until she starts thrusting hard, then it is wonderful.""But you have never had a cock in your ass, even if I as your Dom ask for it?""I don't think so Sir. Bbut I won't rule it out completely."" What do you mean Gwen?"" I mean I don't want that to stand between us.""Gwen you know that anal sex is required if you are to be my sub.""Ok, I thought so, but wasn't sure." A tear comes down her check."I'll put that on hold for tonight, ok? We will work that into your training, take it in small steps so that you will be comfortable.""Ok, yes Sir." Gwen smiles. But I will have your cherry ass dear Gwen if you continue, I think to myself.I stroke her lower leg then lean in and kiss her forehead, cheeks, neck, then slide into her lips. Her arms go around me holding me tight. Gwen returns my kiss as I play with her short hair."Are you OK now, Gwen?""Yes Daddy. Thanks for reminding me what we are really here for, each other's pleasure."I pull her lips to mine and kiss her deeply, hard and rough, cupping her breast in my hand, I feel her breathing quicken. I remove her blouse and Cup her bare tits with my hands, twisting her nipples she whimpers as she pulls my lips to hers. Her tongue dives into my mouth as I pull and twist her nipples. She begins to unbutton my shirt as I slide her slacks down her slim trembling legs, I note that the crotch of her slacks was wet. I cup her crotch with my hand as I suck on her erect nipple. She moans loudly as I slide my fingers into her soaked panties."Oh Daddy, please fuck me hard! Your girl can take it!"I push her back in the loveseat, lifting her legs as I do. I strip off her panties, and kiss my way to her hot pussy. Her hips lift her cunt to meet me as my tongue slides into her pretty little cunt. My mustache tickles Gwen's clit as my tongue probes deeply into her slit. She grabs my head with her hands pushing me tighter into her soaking pussy. Groaning I feel her back arch as her hips tremble with the orgasm racing through her. I continue to lap up her flowing waves of cum.I remove my pants and shorts to get ready, as Gwen comes back a bit from her orgasm.I kiss my way up Gwen's torso, pulling her skin between my lips each slow kiss. I play with her navel, and the arched beneath her D cup breasts, I ignore her nipples for now, teasingly close though.Right shoulder to left shoulder then up her neck till I catch her lips again. She is breathing deeply, but more controlled that earlier. Let's change that! I pinch her nipple with my fingers, twisting and pulling I feel it reaching peak erection again, Gwen's loud moans are muffled by my lips as she begins to tremble, I slide my erection to her hot, dripping pussy lips. She moves to capture my cock, but in doing so her body erupts with her orgasm. Her cum spurts onto the head of my swollen cock. I can't hold myself back any longer, I thrust my cock into her cunt, two thrusts and I have impaled her pussy as deeply as I can. A new wave rips her hips as her cunt ring muscles grab at my cock, wanting my seed.I reach under her silky ass and pull her hips into my, I run my fingers up her crack, pausing at her asshole. Gwen's body tenses, I continue on. Something we will need to explore! I thrust deeply into her as I pinch her ass and suck her nipples. I bite down as I thrust, he fireworks begin again! Gwen seem to cum quite easily. She grabs my ass push my cock as deep as she can into her pussy. I feel her finger, probing, no, going into my asshole. She twists it and pushes down on my prostate, but not hard enough. Bu the damage to my control is enough, I cum, and cum and pump more cum into her vagina.I drop to Gwen's lips and thrust my tongue hard between her lips. I roll her on top of me, thrusting lightly into her cunt as we slowly relax. My cock slides from her, followed by a gush of our cum.Gwen heads to the bathroom. She gets dressed and returns to kiss me before she leaves. She didn't even comment on the obvious red stripes on my ass. Well perhaps she had not seen them."I must get to sleep, an early day tomorrow." she explained as she rushed from the room.Well I guess I know that I am Not her priority!So Gwen was rejected. The next day she sent me an message asking why? Yet another violation of the rules, not submissive activity, not sub material. I did not reply to her.----------Rachel begins her training (My date with Rachel is in part 1)I checked my email after Gwen left, Rachel had posted "Call me please." only 5 minutes ago. I call her, and unexpectedly, she is crying."What's wrong?" I ask."I had to ask my girlfriend to move out. After three years, it's over.""What happened, Rachel?""Can we talk in person, please Sir.""Of course. Let's meet at the marina in 20 minutes.""Yes, thank you Sir."It was after eleven, but Rachel obviously need comforting. I was tired and needed some rest after the nearly continuous sex since Monday night. But Rachel had become valuable to me. I was hopeful that she would make a very fine sub, and her training is to begin tomorrow night. It still will, if anything to get her mind off whatever happened. I drove over to the marina. There is her BMW. I park next to her and tap on the window, she unlocks the door, allowing me to slide into the seat and take her into my arms.She is sobbing on my shoulder, shaking. What happened with her girlfriend?"Thank you Sir for coming, especially after your date." Rachel leans back."Take a few deep breaths dear Rachel, and then start at the beginning."A small smile crosses her face, "Your experience shows, Master.""I came home from work tonight to find a water disconnect notice on the doorknob. She only had one bill to pay, and she can't mecidiyeköy escort even do that!""Rachel, a breath, now the full story please.""Ok, yes. When Karen moved in with me three years ago, she only had a part time job, it was understandable, she is ten years younger and only had a part time job. Anyway, she insisted that she pay something, so we settled on her covering the monthly water bill. She did it fine until a few months ago, when she fell for this guy. She says he drains her bank account and the last three months of water bills, the checks had bounced. But she loves the guy and now wants to move in with him!""Ok, and what happened tonight?""I covered the water bill, so I can shower and flush. Then I gave her an ultimatum. Either his cock, or my pussy. Not both, not anymore! ?.. She chose HIM." Rachel shakes her head with disgust.I pull her into my arms, quietly holding her close. I kiss her check lightly. She holds me tightly, almost desperately. Rachel sits back."Thank you Sir. There has been a lot of change in my life the past few days."I use my finger to lift her chin and look into her eyes, "With more yet to come. Are you still free for training this weekend?"Rachel sits back again, looking straight at me."With a clear conscience, absolutely Sir.""Good."Meet me at the roulette table in GS at 7 Friday evening. Dress formal, but so that you are comfortable, and bring a change of clothing in a bag in the trunk of your car."Yes Sir, I will be counting the minutes."I take her in my arms and kiss her lightly on the lips."So go get some rest, you will need it.""Yes Sir, and thank-you for being here for me."I hop into my jeep as she drives off. Lots to think about, and maybe need to tweak a bit the plan for this weekend.Thankfully my Thursday was open. I needed a free day to deal with the other three ladies of the first selection (See Part 1) and plan the training sessions for Rachel. I had gotten an email from Ann and some things did not seem right compared to the portfolio I had received, so no invite for her. Sally initially accepted a date, but then declined, no reason given. Ann and I skyped, and it was apparent that her photos were old and I suspected that other things in her profile were old also, so I rejected her too. I sent to the "Five" website, rejections for those three, Gwen and acceptances for training for Rachel. The site then asked, "how many new portfolios would you like next? 1-5".I chose 1 for now."Very good Sir, we will forward a new portfolio to you in the next few days. Addition selections are now available, including several prospects who are willing to relocate to your location."I went to the Domme section, and accepted Mistress P's invitation to be trained by her. Mistress P had left open my ability to be selected by other Dommes. I certainly appreciated that, though I am sure that will quickly change with training.So let's see, for the weekend, I need a contract, list of hard limits, a list of how I will test her and about 12 hrs. of sleep! I shower and shave, face and pubic, leaving a prickly strip so that when I fuck the prickly strip will stimulate her clit.On my way to the Casino, I stopped at the jewelers and picked up several boxes. Two sets actually. The smaller set for slaves and the larger group for subs.The suite I reserved for the weekend, was a large custom suite reserved for the best casino players. I gave a big tip to the bellman so that he would deliver a room service cart and a luggage cart to the suite. The suite also had a four poster bed, which would be very handy.I laid out several toys that I would be using on my trainee, floggers, clamps, gags, cuffs?.. I covered them with a hand towel.I stripped the covers from the bed, leaving just the sheet. I added restraints to the corners of the bed and the luggage cart. It will act as a substitute cross for the next few days. This is getting me excited!I check the bathroom, adding a few items, lotions, potions, and lubes. The large marble shower has two benches and several different modes to direct water anywhere, with plenty of room for several people in the shower. I move a couple of extra chairs into one corner of the living room in the suite. The couch, cocktail table and desk and chair stay as is. I do add a bit more space between the couch/ table and the desk. The fridge in the room is well stocked with ice, water and wines. I wheel the cart near the window of the living room where it will be handy.My phone alarm buzzes, 6 pm, time for a light dinner. I text Rachel to reminder her to eat. She replies, "Yes Sir, must be able to perform for you!"I go down to the Casio floor early and get a few hundred in chips at the roulette table. I am facing the door and at 7 there she is. Rachel is wearing her should length hair in relaxed curls, a simple black dress, mid-thigh hem, shows just a hint of cleavage. A nice outfit, not to distracting but shows all her curves to good advantage. We make eye contact as she walks towards the table. Rachel slides next to me at the table and I lightly kiss her check and slide my arm around her waist."Sir." she whispers into my ear."Rachel, have you ever played roulette?""Just slots Sir." I explain what I am doing and the philosophy of my bets. I win a little, lose a little. She asks good questions, "What are the odds?" and I explain that the common mistake for players is that they assume the past impacts the future odds. The odds never change unless you change what you are betting on."So here are my chips, you play.""Sir? Really?""Yes go ahead, play your bet."She plays a ten dollar chip on black and another on odd, and wins! She smiles."What should I do now?" In the meantime the ball drops, and she wins again!"Wow" that was quick. Another spin, she loses."It is all so quick!""Yes it is you must be thinking several spins ahead. So pause and then bet again"And so it goes, in an hour she has bet $100 and won $500. Rachel is having a great time. Laughing and moaning when she loses."Rachel, time to cash in.""But I am winning!""Time to go girl.""Yes Sir."I pat her bottom as we walk to the elevators. Rachel is just bubbling with her winnings. In the elevator I pull her close and we kiss."You had fun, I believe.""Yes Sir, it is fun to win. Do you play often?""Often enough to have our suite comp'd for the weekend.""So the suite you are taking me to? Where my training will begin?""Yes ."We walk into the suite."Wow, it is so big!""Please sit down on the loveseat and relax Rachel." She does as told.We talk about what we in general want to get out of a D/S relationship. Re-hashing some of what happened during our last date. She pulls out some papers from her purse. The first is a list of limits, very short, water sports, cutting, branding and then the line, if master wishes these things, they are negotiable. Then she has a contract. We review this in great detail. We compare hers with the one I prepared. It is obvious that Rachel has legal background. We sign the contract. She also gives me an envelope from her doctor. It is a statement that Rachel is in good health, with no STD's. I had asked her to supply this, so condoms will not be used when we fuck. I give her a similar statement, including that I had a vasectomy and am sterile. So no works when we fuck."Very good Rachel. If you compete your introductory training this weekend, you will be collared by me and you will then call me Master, understood?""Yes Sir, I will be collared?""Yes, a training collar.""Yes Sir.""Now Rachel, go into the bathroom, undress completely, and get completely comfortable. You never know when you will get a chance in the bathroom again."After about twenty minutes she comes out."On the floor, on all fours, looking at the floor sub. This is the present position." She complies. She has subbed before for other Masters."Now repeat after me.""I may leave at any time.""My code words are yellow, and red.""My body and my mind are all my master's. He may do whatever he wishes within the limits we discussed.""I will only orgasm when Sir allows."Rachel repeats what I said, pausing only briefly on the orgasm statement."You understand that if you cum, without my permission, I will punish you.""Yes Sir."I place leather cuffs on wrists and ankles, and a leather dog collar on her neck. I fasten a lead to her collar."Alright sub, sit back in the loveseat, but keep your eyes on the floor."I lift her chin so that I can kiss her."When I kiss you, you may always kiss me back and react however you wish to react. I need the natural feedback from you. Do you understand, sub?""Yes, you mean like this?" She returns my embrace, kissing me deeply."Good."I bring her to the luggage cart, clipping her ankles and wrists to the cart. I bring the room service cart in from the bedroom. I pull the towel from the top revealing the contents to her, she gasps."Don't worry, sub, I won't use this all at one time, not tonight anyway." I chuckle."Yes Sir, sorry Sir. You will do as you like.""Yes indeed, sub, that is our contract and your oath."I notice Rachel's cunt is dripping onto the cart, and down her legs. I place my hand on her but and my lips spread her pussy lips and being to probe her cunt. She begins to moan and squirm."Now don't cum sub, until I say so."I bring her very close. Then back away, picking up some clothes pins. I pull her nipples out two pins a piece. Two pins on each pussy lip, şişli escort then I place a ball gaga on her. She is squirming a bit again. I place clips on the skin between her little and ring fingers on both her hands, and between her toes.Tears stream down her face, she is trembling. Passion or pain? I slide a small vibrator into her pussy. Orgasm wracks her body. I remove the ball gag, as she continues to cum. I remove the pins slowly, enjoying the hole she knows she is digging for punishment as she continues to cum. She is shaking on the cart as I turn it around so she is facing the wall. I run my hands over her body, remove the gag. She is breathing raggedly as I cup her breasts, so soft, warm firm. I run my finger over her erect nipples kissing the back of her neck and down to her ass."Are your arms ok sub.?""Tingling Sir."I unclip the cuffs for a minute so the blood may get back to her fingers. I kiss and suck on her fingers as I caress her arm, tickling her under arm. She giggles, taking a deep breath."You must be punished sub, you know.""Yes Sir. I will willingly take any punishment you wish to give me.""Yes, you will"I clip her wrists back up and return to caressing her body. Kissing and running my hands over her. She begins to moan again, so I center my touching on her hips and thighs, moving slowly up to her pussy, which is again dripping with desire. I thrust two fingers deeply into her pussy, rubbing her clit with my wet thumb. She is struggling again, biting her lip, clenching her teeth, no use. She is mine, and she cums, again without permission. She comes down quickly, moaning."Sub, again?""Yes Sir, sorry Sir. I will do better. You will punish me." She is slumping in her restraints, a worried look on her face."Yes you will be punished, all at one time. You just keep adding to the total.""Yes Sir. I will try to control myself, but it is hard.""You will do as your master commands, sub, correct?""Yes Sir."I have designed this evening to begin her orgasm control training. I just love when she cums, so free, so much energy, but we need to control that energy.After another hour of this. Rachel cums another dozen or so times, I release her from the luggage cart. I give her a bottle of water and a bathroom break. I remove her cuffs, checking for blocked circulation, then have her present and place them back on."When will I be punished, Sir?" "Soon enough sub, you are building up quite a punishment.""Yes, Sir."I have now undressed. The next stage will be the taking of all Rachel's holes several times."On your knees, sub." I place the head of my cock just slightly in front of her lips."Ok" Rachel leans forward taking my cock into her mouth. I pull back."Wait for the command, sub.""Yes Sir, sorry.""You have been saying sorry, a lot sub. Take my cock into your mouth, tongue it, do not suck on it."She does as told. I am pleased that she is so eager, but she needs to be disciplined too.I thrust a few times, just to warm her up. I pull out from her. I place her face up on the bed, clipping her cuffs so she is spread out on the bed. I place a spreader bar between her knees, opening her soaking thighs widely. She moans with anticipation as I kneel between her thighs. I kiss up her thighs, I kiss her clit, breathing softly on her pussy. Her hips buck as I slide two fingers into her again, my lips suck on her clit. Her face is contorted as she tries to control herself. It is no contest, she cums, and cums hard, her juices shoot from her pussy. While she is cumming, I slide my cock into her and thrust hard and as deeply as I can, to force more cum from her. Her body is betraying her mind, as orgasms roll through her, milking my shaft. I roll off her and she is crying as her orgasm ends."I am trying Sir! I am so out of control.""I know sub. We will work on that. Soon you will not cum as soon as I thrust my cock into you."I allow her to relax completely, before turning her over. I put on a strapon, to fuck her ass. As I clip her cuffs again, I ask?"When was the last time you were fucked by your girlfriend?""Last night Sir, we made love one last time before she moved out."I look at Rachel's asshole, I add an extra drip or two of lube to the strapon then plunge into her. Her body jumps then as I work the cock deeper into her, she begins to thrust back onto it. She moans, I reach around to slide another dildo into her pussy. I thrust a few time with the dildo, then turn it on. Her passion builds again, quickly reach climax. Rachel certainly cums easily. Her body is trembling again. Then I begin to remove her anal intruder, unclipping the cuffs, then lastly the dildo is turned off and removed, Rachel is sound asleep. I have exhausted her, as I had planned. I had hoped she would last longer, but she has had an emotional last few days.I pull up the covers and let her sleep. Four hours she rest her, for her punishment, I set the alarm. I lay next to her cuddling her body with mine. Her breathing is slowing, calming as she falls more deeply into sleep. I kiss her shoulder.I awaken, as Rachel is coming out of the bathroom. The alarm goes off, perfect timing, 4:15 am."Hi""Are you ok sub?""Yes sir, a little sore is spots, but no worries.""You look very sexy with just the collar and cuffs on.""Thank-you Sir.""drink some water, and then get ready for punishment. Why are you being punished?""I am being punished for not controlling my orgasms, Sir. I want to be punished, so that I will be motivated to change.""Very good Sub. That is the only reason that I will ever punish you. So that you will change."I put the ball gag on her. Then clip her cuffs to the luggage cart. I have her stick her ass out as I pull the cart so she faces the wall. I pick up a cane, count slowly to thirty to add to the anticipation. I then swing hard at her but. A loud smack. Rachel's toes curl in pain. Her body sags a bit. I grit my teeth to hold my control, after all she is my new trainee. I leave her hanging for another thirty count, then as the welt rises on her creamy ass. I rub some cream on it soothing the pain. I remove the gag."Sir, only one?""Do you want more, sub?""No Sir, but I thought I would be really punished for all those lapses, there were dozens. Only one, I don't understand Sir.""Sub, you are in training, so you are not likely to understand.""Sir, other masters I have had, they would beat me mercilessly for what I had done.""Did you learn from that?""Yes""Have you learned from this.""Yes Sir." A broad smile crosses her face. It is beginning to dawn on her that the anticipation was part of the punishment."Oh! And you are a sensual dom too. I think I understand.""Were you worried about being punished.""Yes, very it was all I was thinking about.""Then as a trainee, you have been punished enough for tonight. My punishments are more mental than physical. The physical is there, but you never will know how seaver it will be."I unclip her from the cart and take her in my arms."Sir, thank-you Sir." We are both trembling as we kiss and hold each other. I take her back to bed, pulling her atop my erection and we fuck each other. I quickly give her permission to cum, she does nearly immediately, then again, milking my cum from my bare cock throbbing in her cunt.I pull her down and we fall asleep again. There is a very angelic smile on Rachel's face as she sleeps.At 9 my alarm goes off. We wake up holding each other. "Off to the shower Rachel."I call room service and order breakfast, then join Rachel in the shower.We eat a big breakfast as we are both famished from the evening.I retrieve Rachel's bag from her car and have her change clothes. I give her a key to the room."Sub, you must review what has happened between us to this point. Go think on that. Is this what you want.""Yes Sir, I want to be your sub very badly. I don't think that will change.""Well if you return at 3 this afternoon, then we will continue, otherwise I have enjoyed our time together. You must now leave until 3.""Yes Sir."I do hope she returns, but it is for her to decide. I return home, for a few hours. In the mail was a new portfolio.Tracy - 37, slave, bi-sexual, black, 5 ft. 9 in., Straight black hair to her breasts, Green eyes, C cup,37-25-38. Her three standard photos are supplemented with a close-up of one nipple, a photo of her in a maid outfit and a note. "Dear future Master, I am gasping as I write this from masturbating until I came. Thinking of your control over me, cock deep in my holes. My desire is to be your slave, at your call, I wish to serve YOU in ANY way."Mmmmm, very interesting development. I quickly dash off an intro email to her. Can I fit her into my plans for next week?I text Rachel, "Bring a formal dress to wear for later."I am in the room, on the phone, there is a knock on the door. Rachel opens the door. She comes in sees I am on the phone, and sits on the loveseat."I look forward to seeing you later too. Bye."I go into the living room and sitting next to Rachel, pull her into my embrace."I didn't scare you off?""No Sir I am ready and eager for more."I kiss her lightly on the lips, "Very Good sub." She giggles."Don't get undressed, we are going shopping.""Oh.""You will be spending some of your winnings from last night!"I take her to a local sex shop. I pick out several items for her to try on. She takes a bustier into the dressing room. I hear a discussion. The slender clerk ask me to join them, şişli escort bayan the clerk winks at me, and I wink back. I look into the dressing room."Do you like this?" The black bustier shapes her sexily, cupping her breasts just enough so the spill out the braless top. I notice a trickle down her leg, she is excited."You can see why I couldn't come out?." She giggles, Rachel has no idea what is to come.She buys that and some more lingerie, and a few toys. Rachel embraces me in the car as we drive back to our hotel. She is bubbling with excitement, as I have her pull into a drive-inn. We get malts, talk a bit, and drive the rest of the way back to the hotel.Before we park I tell Rachel to get into the presentation pose in our room. Rachel pauses,"May I tell you something Sir?""OK""I have never met any master like you before. I think you are wonderful and I look forward to years of service to you.""Let's not get ahead of yourself, sub. We will see if you feel that way in the morning.I restrain her in the bed in our room. Teasing her mercilessly. I suck several orgasms form her. Again she id digging a hole, but her punishment will be different tonight. Can't have her get off so to speak, so easily, lol.I put her in the shower, where I cum down her throat. She stimulated my ass nicely to make me cum.We dress to go out for dinner, and a little more roulette. Tonight we loss a bit. Going back to the room, I meet the clerk from the sex shop, an old play partner, but Rachel does know this yet. I invite her back to the room with us. Rachel frowns a bit at first, but slowly perks up as she takes a look at Sue. She is a 50, 5 ft. 6 redhead, short curly hair, C cup and very sexy. I put my arm around her as the three of us walk into the elevator."Sub, this is Sue, she waited on you this afternoon and was very attracted to me. So I am going to fuck her while you watch, or would you prefer to help?""I will help Sir, any way that I can." She is pouting a little."On second thought, sub, go get undressed."I restrain her in a chair in the bedroom. Sue and I begin to make out. I watch Rachel's reactions as I cup Sues ample breasts and her dripping pussy. I spread her wide so Rachel can see. I notice Rachel is very wet too. I suck on Sue's pussy sliding my fingers into her as her hips begin to buck with her release. I hear moaning behind me, Rachel. I slide my erection into Sue, covering my cock with Sues hot cum. I pull out and move to poor Rachel, asking if she wants a taste. She opens her lips and I slide into Rachel's mouth. Sue joins us, cupping my balls."She is soo sexy Sir." Sue comments, "May I?""Please do with the sub whatever you want."Sue cups Rachel's breasts as I pull from her mouth I am replaced by sues mouth. I release Rachel's restraints as Sue embraces her hungrily. She pulls Rachel to the bed, spreads her legs and quickly has Rachel's hips bucking with pleasure. Rachel rubs her pussy against Sues lips and tongue. Sues pussy is so wet, I just have to slide my cock into her. I thrust knowing that the thrust with hit Rachel's pussy through Sue's lips.Sue and Rachel both start to cum, then my release rush through me pumping Sue full of my cum. Sue spins around to sit on Rachel's face. She laps up our combined cum, as I kiss Sue deeply and thrust my fingers into Rachel.The girls come again, and I sit back to enjoy the show.After exploring each other's holes, they finally collapse in exhaustion on the bed.Sue sits up. I take her in my arms and kiss her."Thank-you for coming to the party Sue.""Oh you are so welcome. Rachel was so sexy in the shop today, never suspecting that I was checking her out for tonight. I almost came on to her in the dressing room.""Sub, Sue and I are occasional play partners.""But he never had me play with a girl before. " Sue giggles, "We need to do that again."Sue dresses and I escort her to her car. Returning to the room, Rachel sits up when I join her in the bedroom."So you planned all of this!""Yes, that is what I do.""Sue was so hot! Thank-you Sir. I hope you are pleased.""I am well pleased sub. I look forward to watching you be fucked many times."She told me more of her experience with women. It was extensive, beginning with her college roommate who was older, and seduced her. Even when she was married and pregnant, she had women in her bed.That night Rachel and I fucked each other silly. We were definitely made for each other. We held each other as we fell asleep. In the morning, it was time for punishment.I strapped her to the luggage cart as before. Twice my cane marked her with pain. She was surprised in a way and said that she would improve.During breakfast I told her about my plans for my household, 2 live in slaves, and up to three subs.After breakfast I cut Rachel loose again."This is your last chance to consider your submission. If you wish to continue, contact me at three pm this afternoon for further instructions. If you agree, you will be collared. Meaning I will put a collar on you that will indicate your submission to me, you will wear this collar until I tell you to remove it.""So I wear it 24 hrs. a day?""Yes.""But I am a professional, can I hide it to an extent?""Yes, If you desire, you may. Not when you are with me though.""Sir, I will have to think this through.""That is what I am asking you to do. Consider this carefully, non-emotionally. It is a big step."At three that afternoon, Rachel messaged me, I will gladly submit to you Sir. I knew she would. She had made me very happy, and I had grown as a Dom working with her.I texted her the address to my home, be there at 5. Bring your toys and lingerie. Dress comfortably, but assume the presence position as soon as I let you in the house.She knelt as soon as she came in. I lifted her back to her feet, and quickly gave her a tour."What is going on in the family room?" She asked."That is for your ceremony later this evening.""Ceremony?""There will be a formal ceremony in front of guests, where you will formally submit to me as your Master. You will then be collared.""Four guests?""Yes, Sue you know, and three other Doms and Dommes. So to begin, take a thorough shower and I will help prepare you for tonight. We only have an hour or so before guests arrive."Undress and shower thoroughly. As she showered I pick out a few things for her to wear. Black cupless bustier, leather and chrome cuffs, leather with chrome spikes collar, thigh high red stockings, and a black blindfold.When she was done showering I gave her an enema twice, she needed to be clean everywhere for my friends.She was starting to get dress when the doorbell rang. It was Sue, I asked Sue to help Rachel finish dressing, while I greeted the rest of my guests.Soon everything and everybody was in place. I lowered the lights. I slowly escorted the blindfolded trainee to be in front of the seated guests."My friends, I present to your Rachel. She is a chosen candidate for submission to me as her master. Please inspect her in any way you wish to verify her credentials."So a series of questions began, How many times had she submitted before, what is submission, is she in control, will she willingly submit?..While the interrogation continued, Master Robert and Mistress Teri got up to inspect her body. They pinched her nipples and spread her ass, her legs, inspected her pussy, which was starting to drip. Rachel's breath was getting ragged, when Mistress P said, "Enough, I believe that Master Auroran knows what he wants, and a commend his choice. Shall we move to the main event.""Yes, thank-you Mistress P."The guests all seated I removed Rachel's blindfold and introduced her to the guests. Introductions included, name and a kiss, with Mistress Teri and Master Robert Both kissing her hard and slipping fingers into her cunt.I turned Rachel to face me."Rachel do you with no reservation, completely of your free will, with the knowledge that you may leave at anytime, desire to submit to my will and desires as your sole Master?"Rachel looked me straight in the eye saying, "Yes Sir, I do so very willingly."She then signed a revised contract of submission, I signed my acceptance. This was then signed by the four witnesses."Rachel take your presence position." She got done on all fours as see was trained to do. I removed the collar from her next."Please stand candidate." I took a long black box from a hidden spot, opened it out of Rachel's sight, and pulled out a three stand necklace. It was composed of interlinked handcuffs. I stood behind Rachel as I put the new collar on her, saying,"Rachel, I accept your submission to me as Master. This collar is the symbol of your submission to me. Two strand are for my slaves, three for my subs. I accept you as a sub for now. Do you agree?""Yes Sir, I mean yes my Master." I see a tear coming down her check."Are you OK?""Yes my Master, I am very happy and proud to have such a wonderful Master."I kissed her deeply and passionately, then bending her over slide my erection into her soaked pussy. I fucked her hard! She held back, but I could feel her orgasm building."Cum Rachel." She does immediately.Each guest then took their turn with Rachel. As one would finish with her, I would enjoy them too. By 10 we were all exhausted from the sex.After the guests left, I took Rachel in my arms, gently caressing her, kissing her lightly."Rachel, you did well tonight. Did you enjoy that?""Oh Master, I feel so wonderful!!"Suddenly she sits up."My collar, I must see it!" She runs into the bathroom. I hear she squealing in delight as I join her."Oh Master, thank-you for such a wonderful collar. I can wear this anywhere, and I will wear your collar proudly."
07 Ekim 2021, at 10:45


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