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Finally we meet part 6

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Finally we meet part 6Hard to believe somewhere around 33 hours ago I picked up my online acquaintance of about 6 months and here we were fulfilling fantasies we never could imagine being possible. Completely drained, satisfied, and deprived of some much needed sleep with the three of us still on the bed and treated to many orgasms this sexy young thing still wanting more before we said our goodbyes.My friend then motioned this sweet girl over to her and as the two kissed I propped myself up to enjoy the view knowing my cock was in no shape at the moment to do any good. Their hands wandered all over each other causing their passion to build and I must say it was a beautiful site. Working nicely with each others tits the older one pushed the girls head down between her breasts as she fed and the girl gladly accepted. The sounds coming from the girl as she sucked loudly one nipple then the other. With her head back against the headboard she pushed the girls head lower as I watched as she sunk down between the older ones legs. Spreading her legs wider and bringing her feet up and flat on each side of the girl this allowed easy access to a very wet and swollen pussy that had been well used over the course of the last day. As I watched I was actually getting aroused but not to the point of getting hard which I figured wasn't going to happen.Once the girl had come face to face with that beautiful shaved pussy she began kissing it. With the directions of the older one receiving the oral pleasure given by the pizza girl things began to start all over again. She must have been doing a great job since she moaned with approval. She looked over at me with that seductive smile I had learned to love and reached over to grab my cock as she squeezed it moving up and down it's limp shaft. Well to my surprise it began to expand slowly but it was getting hard. She pulled me toward her telling me she wanted me in her mouth. I moved into position with me on my knees as I watched my cock disappear not just in her mouth but way down her throat. Not being completely hard she was able to swallow me in a way that had me very deeply down her throat. It was a sensation I have never felt before and when she started gagging I realized I was getting hard again, very hard. She continued to orally please the hell out of me by using her tongue to tease me then back to deep throating me. She stopped and told me to fuck the girl working on her pussy and I thought that was a fantastic idea. Getting off the bed to get behind the girl I lifted her up from how she was laying on her stomach while she licked away following the older one's instructions as to how she wanted her pussy licked. Now here was a lady that was not getting oral pleasure from her husband and also never has been with another woman but fantasized about it, but was now getting both and enjoying the hell out of it and so was I. I thought to myself these two were performing like pros as I buried my face between the ass cheeks of the one licking a pussy for the first time. She didn't miss a beat as I gripped an ass cheek in each hand but jumped when she felt the tip of my tongue on her tiny asshole. I circled it very gently at first to see how she would respond and I guess I could have asked her if that was ok but when she moaned and backed up smothering me with her ass my question was already answered. I then went to work letting this girl experience how this erogenous zone could feel and my tongue continued going round and round until her hole was nice and wet and then I pushed it in a little at a time. She moaned louder and this must have caused her to be more aggressive with her pussy licking as the older one was breathing very hard and making sounds of approval abandoning her instructions as this young newbie was obviously doing a fantastic job on that pussy. The deeper I fucked her ass with my tongue the better she service my friend. Spreading her wider I then licked the length of that young slit reaching my tongue out to cover that tiny bud of clit that stuck out so far making it easier than I thought to work on. I moved my tongue back and forth, side to side lightly but quickly. Knowing this was all very new to this girl I really didn't know what felt best for her. What I did know was I must have been doing ok since she couldn't hold still and came within just a few minutes crying out that she was cumming with her muffled voice pushed deep into the now spasming cunt in front of her. With both women cumming together I then got to my knees and pushed my cock into the girls pussy which was still convulsing uncontrollably. The feeling was wonderful as the spasms from her pussy pulsated around my hard cock. Holding onto her hips I moved slowly and deeply gliding in and out savoring which was an experience I would probably never have again. Before I realize why there was so much movement on the bed I saw my friend spin a 180 positioning herself in a 69 position under the girl. Now she was taking turns licking my balls and licking the girls clit as my cock drove in and out more aggressively now. The girl was going crazy and without being told was back licking the pussy she just got off but from a different angle. It was like we were on cue because when my friend reached up to slide a finger in my ass I did the same to the girl who did the same to my friend. Oh how I wish I had that exchange on video. Me on my knees with my cock in this young girls pussy and one of my fingers in her ass with my other hand pinching my friends nipples that were below me. My friend licking my balls and fingering my ass and with her other hand playing with the girls tits and licking her clit in between sucking and licking my balls. The girl on her knees licking the older ones pussy with a finger in her ass. Well that really didn't last nearly as long as I would have liked and next thing I knew we all came together and it seemed to go on and on until we collapsed into a pile of hot sexual flesh and passed out. I think it was maybe a little over an hour or so when the young girl said she needed to go home not realizing it was that late. I offered her the shower and anything I could do for her and her response was that I did all she could ever ask for and wanted to go home and get in her own bed with all that was on her and in her to remember this experience. We both walked her to the door and after a long kiss goodbye swore our secrecy and off she went. We grabbed a couple bottles of water and made our way back upstairs and without a well needed shower we both collapsed and passed out in bed. I did manage to set an alarm and was sure to call in to work and leave a couple messages letting them know I would be late.With her flight departing at 1030 am we needed to leave my house at about 830 for time to check in and go through security. Now close to midnight I figured we needed to be up by 7 at the latest to shower, dress, and eat. We both feel asleep immediately and I think it might have been 5 because there was no need for that alarm as I had a much better alarm in the way of a warm wet pair of lips on my cock and all I could think of was, here we go again. To be continued
24 Haziran 2021, at 21:06


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